24 janvier 2006
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Google Analytics Authorized Consultant

L’agence interactive ZAAZ a été choisie par Google Inc. en tant que « Google Analytics Authorized Consultant ».

Ces services compléteront les services professionnels existants de Google et soutiendront les annonceurs.

Zaaz fournira une gamme des dispositifs additionnels, comprenant audits, monétisation et prévisions de ROI, analyse de marché comportementale et comparative, conseils optimisation du site…

“Google Analytics is a powerful standalone tool, but many marketers are seeking more—they need help in understanding how to decipher and more effectively use Web analytics to identify opportunities for improvement and act on the findings,” said Shane Atchison, CEO and Co-founder of ZAAZ. “We’re pleased to partner with Google to help their enterprise clients get maximum value from Google Analytics by providing a comprehensive range of consulting services that addresses their needs.”

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